Welcome to my services

I will ensure your guests feel engaged with, and feel informed about, everything that is happening during your event. Here are further details on how I can help you with my experience.


Hire me for:

  • Weddings of practically every culture
  • Barmitzyahs & Batmitzvahs
  • Themed Banquets and Gala Balls
  • Birthday Parties and Anniversaries
  • Cocktail Parties
  • Masonic Ladies' Festivals and Receptions  
  • Corporate Dinners and Dinner Dances
  • After Dinner Speeches
  • Rotary Club and Round Table Events
  • Civic Luncheons or Dinners
  • Award Ceremonies and Conferences
  • Official Openings or a Product Launch

As your Toastmaster I will:

  • Keep your event flowing
  • Keep the energy and enthusiasm of your audience high.
  • Help your audience feel welcomed
  • Help your speakers feel appreciated
  • Help your sponsors feel proud to be involved
  • Smooth over problems that arise so people don't know or don't worry
  • Keep your event to time no matter what happens
  • Ensure everyone knows what is happening
  • Do whatever is possible to help you make it a great event!